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One of my favorite TED talks is this one from conductor Itay Talgam. In it he shows videos of different conductors and how each conductor has his own leadership style. I like the way Talgam presents his take on leadership, particularly since I think it is applicable to how teachers and coaches and advisors and administrators in schools can think about how they lead the groups of people in their charge.


Bridget Duffy is the former chief experience officer at the Cleveland Clinic. At the 2008 Good Experience Live (GEL) conference she talks about her work in helping the clinic re-think about what they do from the point of view of their patients. I’ve often thought that school districts should have Assistant Superintendents of Experience, and their work would be to focus on the experiences students, teachers, and other stakeholders have with one another through the school community. It would, I think, help us see schools and their role within their communities differently, and it would help position everyone, not just students, as learners and participants.

Bridget Duffy at Gel 2008 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

And here she is at the 2009 GEL Health Conference

Bridget Duffy at Gel Health 2009 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.


Pam Grossman is a professor of Education at Stanford University. In the video below, she is speaking at Vanderbilt University about her work that analyzes how different professions teach newcomers to their field how to participate well in that community. In particular, Grossman talks about how to break down a practice into its constituent parts. One important point she makes is that teacher educators can learn from this by identifying central practices teachers engage in and then breaking those practices into its steps.

She has much more to say, and the clip is worth the time to watch it. Thanks to Dr. Grossman for her work and to the good people at Vanderbilt for taping and sharing this talk.