Thanks for visiting my site. Since 2008, I have been an English educator at Boise State University (BSU), as well as Co-Director of the Boise State Writing Project (BSWP).

Before my position here at BSU, I was working on my PhD in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy at Michigan State University. Prior to my time at MSU, I taught seventh and eighth grade English Language Arts students in St. Charles, Illinois (1994-2003) and in Fairfield, Ohio (1992-1994).

Below is a preview of some of my professional work.

So, What’s the Story?: Teaching Narrative to Understand Ourselves, Others, and the World by James E Fredricksen, Jeffrey D Wilhelm, and Michael W Smith. Published by Heinemann.

Oh, Yeah?!: Putting Argument to Work Both in School and Out by Michael W Smith, Jeffrey D Wilhelm and James E Fredricksen. Published by Heinemann.

Get it Done!: Writing and Analyzing Informational Texts to Make Things Happen by Jeffrey D Wilhelm, Michael W Smith and James E Fredricksen. Published by Heinemann.

“Resources Preservice Teachers Use to Think About Student Writing” Research in the Teaching of English. Accepted May 2015. Published in the near future. With Leah Zuidema.

“Understanding Teachers’ Writing: Authority in Talk and Texts.” Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice in 2013. With Leah Zuidema and Anne Whitney.

“Experience Over All: Preservice Teachers and the Prizing of the ‘Practical.’” English Education. forthcoming January 2013. With Anne Whitney and Elsie Olan

“How Educators Use Policy Documents: A Misunderstood Relationship.” Language Arts Journal of Michigan. 26(2), 43-48

“Tapping the Power: Writing to Learn Language, Content, and Process.” Malfridur. 27(1), 11-14.

“Building conscious competence: Reading our students, sharing our practice.” New England Reading Association Journal. 45(2), 15-25.

“Talking about teaching: Establish trust amidst uncertainty.” Voices from the Middle. 16(4), 38-41.